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Cabanatuan Meat Products is famous for our sausages – longganisa recado (garlic-flavored), hamonado (sweet), skinless, and batutay (beef). Compared to processed sausages, longganisas have chunkier and tastier meat. All of our products are prepared with strict hygiene and quality assurance which means you won’t have to worry about freshness, quality, and safety.

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It has been a long and thoroughly exciting process for the Nueva Cabanatuan Meat Products development team which has come up with the perfect recipes to ensure that our valued customers have an extremely pleasurable and flavorful experience when they taste our products. Our products are different, nutritious, safe and have the highest standards of hygiene and quality. They are for the generation that craves to add new flavors to their lives. We guarantee that our products will touch your soul through your tongue-because they are that good!

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about us

From our humble beginnings in Nueva Ecija, Nueva Cabanatuan Meat Products has been in the business since 1990. We are a Filipino-family owned company striving to make difference in the local markets as a producer and a provider of fresh and good quality meat products. We are a fully integrated meat processor with operations covering slaughtering and preparation, all the way to the production of fresh frozen processed meats.

There are no shortcuts in attaining quality. With strict compliance to national standards backed up by scientific supervision and state-of-the-art facilities, we hope to provide healthy and deliciously fresh frozen processed meat products at affordable prices.

Our modern state of the art processing plant with strict hygiene and quality assurance guarantees that our products have superior taste, tantalizing appearance and it retains the natural flavor and nutritional value.  In order to maintain high quality standards top professionals are hired, who ensure the meat & plant are kept completely free from contamination. 

Each product is carefully prepared by our finest staff using quality ingredients and finally frozen to retain the mouth-watering taste for you and your family anytime, anywhere. We’re passionate about food and we believe you deserve fresh, whole some and great tasting products. So take the stress out of cooking and choose what’s on the MENU!

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  • D.S Garcia Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija City of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
  • (044) 940-0403

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