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ANCRIS Souvenir & Gift Shop

We have have developed a well-respected name within the community for style, taste, management, service, hard work and dedication. Our experiences have provided us with the ability to create a qualitative and well-presented hats and souvenirs for our diversified clients.


Larry's Honey

100 %Pure, all natural honey direct from our hives to your home.



Yulaik Food Products

Yulaik Wine and vinegar’s are made from wild berries found on low bushes that spread across the ground. Which is both unique and healthy for our customers.




Do you know about Black rice coffee? Black Rice Coffee doesn’t cause acid reflux that is why it is pleasant to the stomach, is gluten-free and has a very low-calorie hit. Rice coffee is a healthy coffee!



Choose from a wide variety of trendy tops that will complete your OTD.

Choose from a wide variety of  Dress for your Instagram OTD. 


Bee & Butterfly Brand​

Re introducing the ancient trend with unique and quality home decor to splash life and color to your home.


F.Barcena's Bamboo Crafts

Notice That The Stiffest Tree Is Most Easily Cracked, While The Bamboo Or Willow Survives By Bending With The Wind



Klaypel is committed to bringing out the artist in the heart of every Filipino. We partner with everyday artists of all ages and bring them into the limelight.


Lechon House

Another twist of Lutong Bahay Dishes.
Try our very own recipe of baked Lechon Baboy and be amazed on how “Bellycious” it is.


J - Styles

Come and check out our straight from Thailand Shawl and accessories that will surely complete your OTD.


Jun & Milas Burdahan

Here at Jun&Mila’s Burdahan, we accept any complicated projects such as tuxedos, wedding dresses and other types of formal clothing. We also fix tears, make a simple hem or sew on a button. No job is too large or small on us, we provide whatever our customers need. We approach each task with the same dedication to work and careful attention to detail. We also accept and arrange formal-wear parties for ladies and gentlemen.


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